Announcing SnorkSnork: The Destination Site for Snorkelers, by Snorkelers

07 January 2010

SayreMedia is proud to announce the launch of SnorkSnork, a new destination site for snorkeling enthusiasts created by snorkeling enthusiasts. As we state on SnorkSnork: Good snorkeling information can be tough to find because snorkeling is often lumped in with diving. Yet snorkelers have different needs. What makes a great dive site or dive entrance […]

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21 September 2009

Friday, September 21, 2009: SayreMedia announces! This is our revolutionary Web 2.0-centric ebook venture, the true core of SayreMedia’s business. This pioneering eBook venture will redefine the concept of book publishing and sales in the Web 2.0 / Web 3.0 Internet age. Look for this service to Beta launch in early 2011. We feel […]

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