SayreMedia is a content facilitation company founded by Jeff and April Sayre in 2006—as a divisional offshoot of Sayre Nature Adventures, LLC. It’s mission is to harness the power of social media and collaboration tools to develop and deploy dynamic and unique platforms that let users create, control, and sell content.

Whereas much of our past efforts had concentrated on leveraging Internet-based media tools to create and deliver rich user experiences through video and audio podcasts, eBooks, and blogs, in 2008, we shifted or primary focus away from content production and publishing. Our approach has evolved along with the new Social Web tools and paradigms. We now are focused on creating Social Web collaboration platforms.

One such platform,  BinaryBooks.com, is a pioneering Publishing 2.0 venture. BinaryBooks.com will redefine the concept of book publishing and sales in the Web 2.0 / Web 3.0 Internet age. There have been 570 years of technological innovation since Gutenberg first experimented with moveable-type printing in 1439. BinaryBooks.com is the start of the next major revolution in the book publishing industry. Look for this service to Beta launch in early 2011.

About Sayre Media’s Founders

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