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Episode 3 of Thomas Brin Now Showing!

Saturday, February 10, 2007: Are you a fan of The Adventures of Thomas Brin? After more than 6 months in the making, Episode 3 of Gardens of Tomorrow is finally complete and live! This episode marks a major change in this groundbreaking, independent, Internet-based movie series. The first two episodes were shot as part of a competition–the DV challenge hosted by

But Episode 3 and beyond are not being produced for a competition. Instead, we are continuing the story of Thomas Brin since so many people have expressed there appreciation for the first two episodes. Since we are no longer under any competition guidelines, we are free to take our time, learn new techniques, and focus on areas in which we feel we fell woefully short in the first two episodes. For Episodes 3 and 4, we spent more time focusing on lighting, scripting, directing, and compositing. We also upgraded our studio space–somewhat. Finally, our post-production suite of tools greatly expanded. We now have the capabilities of high-end graphics houses–well, we have the tools at least, the capabilities will come with experience.

NOTE: Where’s Episode 4? Well, Episode 4 was shot the same weekend as Episode 3. We had hoped to begin post production sometime in late summer of 2007. But, since this is a zero-revenue project, other priorities had to come first. We now hope to be able to release Episode 4 by the fall or winter of 2009.

You can view Episode 3 in two ways:

It is almost 9 minutes long (with credits), so it takes a while before it begins playing. The website version is a larger encode (640 x 360) than the video iPod version (320 x 192).

If you are wondering what Thomas Brin is all about, then please visit this page and watch the first two episodes.